Opt for a Private Deal at Crazy 88 Auto


crazy-88-autoBuying a car entails making so many difficult decisions, Crazy 88 Auto experts say. You will decide on the type of vehicle to get, think about whether to get a car loan or not, and consider the type of financing which will fit your budget, among others.

But let’s focus this time on this tricky bit: is it a smart move to buy your car from a private party or should you go to the usual dealership instead?

Here are some of the pros and cons of each which Crazy 88 Auto has prepared for you:

No Power Sales Info

One of the best things about buying a car from a private party is that you need not go through all the usual sales spiels that dealers will want you to listen to. Let’s face it – that could be grating sometimes, especially if you’ve been to several dealerships the whole day.

Good Starting Price

Because these cars were pre-owned by the said private party, the starting price they’d offer is pretty competitive. They aren’t in sales or marketing. This is not business for them so they don’t need to up the cost. They, too, just want to get a good price for it.

More Chances to Haggle

But the greatest thing about this, according to Crazy 88 Auto, is that you can always negotiate until you get to the price closer to your budget.

However, there are numerous disadvantages of having to buy your car from a private party. Continue reading and see if it’s really worth the hassle.

No Assurance About Buyer’s Reliability

Because they are private citizens and not business entities, they aren’t bound to the rules of the Federal Trade Commission. You’re lucky if the seller is a nice person who is offering a serviceable vehicle at a great price. But there’s always the chance that you can get a good unit.

No Warranties

This is one thing you should take note of, Crazy 88 Auto experts warns. Private sellers would not offer the usual warranties, especially in terms of stability and longevity you’d expect from a dealership. What you see is what you get. And if you decide to get it, then that’s what you will take home.

No Trade Options

Although you can negotiate the asking price, you would have to pay the full amount right there and then. Rarely will you find someone who would allow you to give just a down payment and disburse the rest in installment. Maybe a friend or a relative would consent to this but that wouldn’t happen for others. Think about it: you, too, would only accept the full payment from a complete stranger, right?

Paperwork’s On You

One of the best things about buying a car from a dealership like the Crazy 88 Auto is that you choose a car, pay for it (or decide on a financing method) and take it home. The trouble with buying from a private entity is that you would have to be the one to complete all the documents for the vehicle transfer, bill of sale, registration and so many more.

Vehicle Inspection Problems

It’s not a dealership so you can’t just go to their place and check the car out. You will have to call the owner, ask when it would be possible to see the car and set a schedule. It’s stressful.

Important Note: Never ever disregard the need for a vehicle inspection, especially if it’s a used car!

Hopefully, these two types of purchasing have been made clear to you so that you’ll know exactly which to choose when the time does come. If you have any other questions, the staff from Crazy 88 Auto can really be a huge help in the industry.